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Perkins named interim judicial affairs officer at Stanford

STANFORD -- Jennifer Perkins, who earned her master's degree in education in 1995 at Stanford, has been named acting judicial affairs officer, Dean of Students Marc Wais has announced.

The term appointment, which became effective Monday, April 22, runs through June 1997. The announcement came a month after the university's veteran judicial affairs officer, Sally Cole, resigned.

Wais said he acted quickly so that the university could take action on a backlog of student discipline cases during a transition period. The university's judicial affairs infrastructure currently is under review and may undergo major changes in the near future.

Cole resigned after 14 years on the job to devote more of her time to the national Center for Academic Integrity, of which she is executive director. The non-profit center was established in 1992 by students, faculty and administrators from colleges and universities across the nation. It now has more than 70 member institutions and is devoted to improving the level of academic honesty among American students.

In 1995, Cole switched from full time to part time at Stanford to help develop the center, and Richard Yuen, assistant dean of students, was appointed assistant judicial affairs officer. Yuen, who also is director of the Asian American Activities Center, said he would continue to assist Perkins for several months during the transition period.

Perkins came to the Stanford School of Education in 1994 after four years in student affairs at Pomona College. Since completing her master's program, she has worked on a number of projects for Student Affairs, Multicultural Education, Summer Session and other Stanford offices.

Perkins earned her bachelor's degree from Pomona College, then worked at the University of Arizona coordinating a program on the recruitment and retention of students of color. She spent four years at Pomona College as assistant dean of campus life, with responsibility for residential life.

President Gerhard Casper recently appointed the Committee of 15 to review judicial affairs at Stanford and make recommendations for changes. Appointment of the committee is the first step in a process for changing the charter that governs student discipline.

The judicial affairs system enforces two codes of conduct - the Fundamental Standard for general behavior, and the Honor Code for academic behavior. Casper and other administrators recently have said the judicial process at Stanford is too bureaucratic.

Perkins said she would not become directly involved in the Committee of 15's work, but would concentrate on resolving cases that already have been brought before her office.

The committee, chaired by Mark Zoback, professor of geophysics, includes other faculty, staff members and six students. The group published a large advertisement in the April 23 edition of the Stanford Daily asking students for their input on how to improve the judicial affairs system.

Students are asked to send their comments to Laurette Beeson, who is staffing the committee, at 725-2968, or via e-mail to lbeeson@forsythe. Confidentiality is assured, and one-on-one interviews with Committee of 15 members can be arranged.



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