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Restoration Fund gains $20 million

STANFORD -- Three families with close ties to Stanford have contributed more than $20 million to Stanford's Restoration Fund.

The $50-million campaign to help rebuild and strengthen campus structures was launched by Stanford's Board of Trustees in April 1994. An additional $10 million still is needed to complete the goal.

As part of the fundraising drive, major donors can choose to have their names associated with certain buildings and rooms on campus ­ not necessarily in need of earthquake repair or upgrading ­ that have not been named in honor of a previous gift.

In recognition of these three large donations, Language Corner will be renamed Pigott Hall, Geology Corner will be renamed Braun Corner and History Corner will be renamed Lane History Corner.

Fundraisers were sensitive to the Quad's historic status when soliciting major donors whose names would be associated with the Quad corners, said Stephen Peeps, associate vice president and director of development.

"We turned to families that had a long-standing legacy of their own with Stanford," he said.

The Pigott family ties to the university stretch back to the early 1920s.

"Stanford University has had a greater impact on more members of the Pigott family than any other institution," said Charles Pigott, university trustee. "When I was a student, what is currently known as Language Corner used to be Engineering Corner. Being an engineer, I spent considerable time there, so that area has special interest for me."

The Braun family traces its ties to the founding of the university.

"The members of the Braun family are pleased to be affiliated with an historic corner of the original Quad," said Henry Braun, who heads his family's trust.

L.W. "Bill" Lane Jr. has long supported the university, fostering appreciation for its history by leading the restoration of the Stanford Red Barn and currently the Stanford Governor's Mansion in Sacramento.

"Stanford University has enriched the lives of four generations of the Bill Lane family," said Lane, co-chairman of Lane Publishing Co. "The History Corner on the original Quad campus symbolizes the high educational goals of its founders. I am a former student in its classrooms, and as advocates for using the knowledge and understanding of history to create a better future, my wife, Jean, and I are very honored to have our name associated with the Lane History Corner."

The new names will be etched on the buildings during the summer and dedication ceremonies will be held in the fall.



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