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Aug. 3, 2012

Photo of medieval Europe

Greed was different in the Middle Ages, historian says

Historian Laura Stokes is uncovering how attitudes toward "acceptable greed" have evolved in the past 500 years. In medieval Europe, using wealth as a justification for circumventing societal norms could have gotten you killed.

Photo of Alexander Dunn

Study dives into mechanical aspects of living cells

Scientists, including Alexander Dunn, measured mechanical tension at the nanoscale to explore how living cells produce and detect force. The research could lead to a better understanding of how tissues and tumors form and grow.

Photo of Lawrence Steinman

Alzheimer's disease culprit may aid with MS, study finds

A molecule assailed as the chief culprit in Alzheimer's disease unexpectedly reverses paralysis and inflammation in several distinct animal models of a different disorder — multiple sclerosis, according to researchers, including Lawrence Steinman.

Campus Announcements

  • Department of Public Safety review: Stanford police are reviewing the circumstances of a Thursday early-morning episode in which a handcuffed suspect allegedly involved in a domestic violence incident escaped from the back of a patrol car. The suspect was later apprehended.
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the dish

NCAA profiles Stanford alumnus and postgraduate scholarship recipient RYAN THACHER, who is turning pro as a tennis player . . .

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