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Thursday, Dec. 13, 2012

Photo of Mehran Sahami

For CS106A faculty members, the bigger the class, the better

CS106A, Programming Methodolgy, is the biggest class at Stanford with 650 students. Computer Science faculty members, including Mehran Sahami, say the course works because of its size, not despite it.

Photo of Karl Deisseroth

Researchers induce, relieve depression in mice with light

Researchers led by Karl Deisseroth have induced and relieved depression-like deficiencies in both pleasure and motivation in mice by controlling a single area of the brain through optogenetics.

Photo of Russian tsar

Russia's most infamous tsars weren't so terrible after all

It's a common refrain in Russia that autocratic rule is the best fit for the country because its history of tyrannical tsars. Not so fast, says historian Nancy Kollmann, whose new book is Crime and Punishment in Early Modern Russia.

Campus Announcements

  • Correction: The summary for the Stanford Report story on Board of Trustees Chair Steven A. Denning misstated the year he joined the board. Denning has been a member of the Board of Trustees since 2004.
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the dish

Check out this photograph to see what a bird observes when it flies over HOOVER TOWER . . .

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