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Thursday, Dec. 6, 2012

Illustration of Saturn's moons

Saturn moon Titan is icier than thought, say scientists

An analysis of topographic and gravity data from Titan, the largest of Saturn's moons, indicates that Titan's icy crust is twice as thick as has been thought. Geophysicist Howard Zebker is part of a team analyzing Titan data captured by NASA's Cassini spacecraft.

Photo of Martin Feldstein

SIEPR Prize winner Feldstein calls for taxpayer benefit cap

Harvard economist Martin Feldstein was presented with the 2012 SIEPR Prize for Contributions to Economic Policy this week. Calling for budget deficit action, he advocated a cap on tax reductions for individual taxpayers.

BeWell logo

BeWell suggests how to ease aching backs through posture

Will we ever understand why our backs ache? Must we undergo drastic measures such as surgery or medication to ease the pain? Not necessarily, according to Jean Couch, a back pain expert who was interviewed by BeWell.

Campus Announcements

  • Common Data Set: The Stanford Common Data Set for 2012-13 has been updated online. The Common Data Set initiative is a collaboration between guidebook publishers and higher education institutions to improve the quality and accuracy of information presented to potential students. It includes such admission-related information as enrollment, persistence, class size and degrees conferred. The data can be useful to anyone on campus filling out surveys or questionnaires that are designed to explain Stanford.
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the dish

Giant earplugs prove to be the answer for RED BARN horses affected by construction traffic on the west side of campus . . .

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