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Tuesday,   July 3, 2012

Reuters photo of Entique Peña Nieto, Mexico's next president

Stanford political scientist examines Mexico's election

Enrique Peña Nieto, left, who is poised to assume Mexico's presidency, says he will control the country's violence more than he'll fight drug lords. That implies the cartels will be allowed to operate, says political scientist Beatriz Magaloni.

Photo of Joshual Landy by Linda Cicero

Fiction books give a boost to the brain, says scholar

Joshua Landy, associate professor of French and Italian, became intrigued by the "why read fiction?" question when he noticed that students increasingly complained that authors were taking "too long to get to the point."

Photo of the Supreme Court building by  tedeytan

Greely weighs in on high court health care decision

Law Professor Hank Greely was in Berlin when the Supreme Court upheld the Affordable Care Act. In the Medical School's SCOPE blog, he analyzes the decision from several angles, including the media coverage, the individual mandate and the Medicaid expansion.

Photo photo of adult and child holding hands

BeWell@Stanford: What makes a good parent?

BeWell recently spoke with Janada Clark, who teaches parenting skills through the Stanford WorkLife program, in hopes of getting an answer to the age-old question: "Can I become a better parent?"

Campus Announcements

  • Scholars retract research: Stanford researchers Rajaie Batniji and Eran Bendavid have retracted research findings published May 8 in the journal PLoS Medicine. Their findings, presented in the essay, "Does development assistance for health really displace government health spending? Reassessing the evidence," contained errors in statistical model choice and reporting.
  • No issue tomorrow: Stanford Report is taking the day off for the Fourth of July holiday. We will publish again Thursday, July 5. For breaking news, visit the Stanford News website.

the dish

Campus sustainability efforts win gold rating . . . FAHMIDA AHMED recognized as a Sustainability Champion . . .

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