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Thursday, July 5, 2012

Photo of the play Curse of the Starving Class

Stanford Summer Theater hosts Sam Shepard Festival

Sam Shepard's play Curse of the Starving Class, along with a Shepard film series, community symposium and Continuing Studies course, comprise Stanford Summer Theater's season devoted to the actor and playwright.

Photo Doctoral candidate Miles Traer is one of two students who created the podcast project.. Photo by Miles Traer

Students see new geological era as conversation starter

A new course and podcast project, created by Stanford students, seeks to explain the Anthropocene, a term scientists are considering for a new geological period defined by human impact on the planet.

Photo of Malcolm Gladwell at the CASBS conference

Summit brings together leaders in social sciences

Last week, the Center for Advanced Study in the Behavioral Sciences hosted a social sciences summit, a smorgasbord of talks in fields ranging from game theory to workplace politics. The conference featured a keynote by New Yorker writer Malcolm Gladwell.

Campus Announcements

  • Staff leave donation program now university-wide: As of July 1, the Stanford Community Leave Bank, which was rolled out on a limited basis in the spring, is now university-wide. It allows benefits-eligible staff to donate accrued vacation leave hours to a central leave “bank,” which will allocate leave hours to benefits-eligible staff in need due to a catastrophic qualifying event after they have exhausted all of their own available leave hours. Read more on the University Human Resources website.

the dish

SIEPR awards $100,000 prize to Harvard economist MARTIN FELDSTEIN . . .

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