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Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Photo of bluefin tuna swimming

Tuna caught off California carry radiation from Japan

Stanford and Stony Brook University researchers have found radiation from the nuclear disaster in Japan in bluefin tuna in waters off San Diego, marking the first instance of radioactive materials being transported by sea by migrating animals.

Photo of psychology professors Noah Goodman, right, and Michael Frank

Study aims to get computers to understand what we mean

Present a common phrase like "baby sale" to a computer, and there would likely be a communication breakdown. Computers aren't very good at pragmatics – how language is used in social situations. But a pair of Stanford psychologists has taken the first steps toward changing that.

Photo of carbon nanotubes

'Unzipped' carbon nanotubes could help energize fuel cells

Fuel cells hold promise in a variety of areas, such as fuel-cell cars. But the high price of catalysts used inside the cells has provided a roadblock to widespread use. Now, nanoscale research at Stanford has found a way to reduce the cost.

Campus Announcements

  • Minutes for the May 17 Faculty Senate meeting online: At its May 17 meeting, the Senate approved Ways of Thinking, Ways of Doing breadth requirements and also voted to create a new governance board to devise the methods through which university courses are placed into new categories. A PDF version of the full minutes is now available.
  • Interfaith Grief Memorial: "Honoring Lives, Remembering Losses: An Interfaith Grief Memorial" will take place on Thursday, May 31, at 4 p.m. in the CIRCLE Sanctuary in the Old Union. Take part in a service of hope and healing for those grieving recent and past losses. Light candles to honor those who have died. Take in soothing music and sacred readings. Visit the Events Calendar listing for more information.
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the dish

Graduate student ANDREW BLANCO and freshman ANJNEY MIDHA have been chosen as 2012 Google Policy Fellows . . .

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