Clever with names? Computer Science could use your help

If you’re good at coming up with names (for children, pets, software, etc.), then the Computer Science Department is seeking your suggestions. Researchers are stumped by the task of finding a name for their ambitious new software/video approach to teaching, as described in a recent story in the Aug. 16 issue of Stanford Report. The existing name is CourseWare.

Some of the suggestions so far, forwarded to The Dish by research scholar CORNELIA LIEGL, include ProfOnDemand, uni-verse and currigo (CurriculumGo).

Also: DisCourse, TeleCourse and CourseMate.

Just guessing here, but another suggestion, ECWISM, might be a little hard to pronounce. (It stands for Educational Content with Integrated Social Media.)

Ideas? CourseWare has created an online form for you to submit your own. The deadline, which originally was Sunday, Sept. 4, has been extended a week.

For those interested, CourseWare developers also invite you to participate in a user test of the new system.