Stanford Student Affairs announces Fidler Award, other honors

Nate Boswell (Photo: Joy Leighton)

NATE BOSWELL, associate dean of residential education, yesterday was awarded the Margaret Ann Fidler Award for Distinguished Service in Student Affairs.

Boswell, a Stanford alumnus, serves on the leadership team in the office of the Dean of Residential Education.

His role includes managing and overseeing the programs, operations and staff for residences on The Row.

The Fidler Award, the highest honor given in the Division of Student Affairs, honors a staff member who demonstrates an extraordinary dedication to the division and the mission of the university.

Boswell received the award on May 26 at the Student Affairs Staff Celebration.

Established in 2000 in honor of MARGARET ANN FIDLER, a former associate vice provost for student affairs, the award recognizes individuals who demonstrate extraordinary integrity and a commitment to teamwork. Fidler was on hand to personally give the award.

Each year, the award is a well-guarded secret until it is announced at a May meeting.

Boswell said it came as a “total surprise” when he heard Fidler announce his name.

The award citation honored Boswell “for exuding integrity, empathy and inclusiveness in a calm and thoughtful manner” and “for his enviable collaborative orientation toward problem solving.”

It also commended Boswell “for his unselfish concern in helping his organization through a period of significant change,” “for the deep ethic of care that grounds his work with students and for holding self-directed student learning as a core value,” and “for his ability to encourage students to learn from both accomplishments and disappointments.”

Finally, Boswell was honored “for his tireless, positive dedication to the important work of Residential Education and Student Affairs” and “for living the ResEd mantra: be humble and brave.”

Boswell earned a bachelor’s degree in history at Stanford in 1999 and a master’s degree in higher education policy, organization and leadership studies at the Stanford Graduate School of Education in 2009.

GREGORY BOARDMAN, vice provost for student affairs, also handed out two new awards at the ceremony: the Student Affairs Faculty Award for Outstanding Service and the Student Affairs Team Impact Award.

Julie Kennedy
Julie Kennedy (Photo: Joy Leighton)

JULIE KENNEDY, a professor (teaching) of Earth system science and a senior fellow at the Stanford Woods Institute for the Environment, won the 2015 Student Affairs Faculty Award for Outstanding Service.

In addition to serving as faculty co-director of the Haas Center for Public Service for five years, Kennedy has served on more than 70 university committees encompassing a wide range of student issues, including overseas studies, mental health and well-being, undergraduate education and undergraduate majors.

Boardman said Kennedy understands that faculty and staff must forge deep partnerships to help Stanford students become healthy and engaged citizens.

“Julie’s dedication to always putting students ‘unquestionably first’ exemplifies the type of work with faculty that Student Affairs seeks to recognize,” he said. “Not only has she made pioneering, authentic and ongoing contributions, but she has also forged pathways that make it easier for her colleagues to do the same.”

(l-r) Ankita Rakhe, Cole Shiflett, Jerald Adamos, Ahmad Wright and Diontrey Thompson (not pictured Jennifer Rolen). (Photo: Joy Leighton)
From left, Ankita Rakhe, Cole Shiflett, Jerald Adamos, Ahmad Wright and Diontrey Thompson (not pictured Jennifer Rolen).
(Photo: Joy Leighton)

Boardman awarded the Student Affairs Team Impact Award to the Intergroup Dialogue Team, which includes: JERALD ADAMOS, associate director of the Asian American Activities Center; ANKITA RAKHE, assistant director of student activities and leadership; JENNIFER ROLEN, a student services officer in the Diversity and First Gen Office; COLE SHIFLETT, an assistant dean in Residential Education; DIONTREY THOMPSON, associate director of the Black Community Services Center; and AHMAD WRIGHT, a student services officer at the Career Development Center.

Boardman commended the members of the team “for their dedication to facilitating learning through open, active and inclusive dialogue about diversity and difference, and for their commitment to making change happen in Student Affairs.”