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The following is an index of Stanford Report articles which feature video supplements. The videos are available for viewing in multiple formats: Quicktime, Real, and Windows Media. Click on the article headline to open that article in a new window, and then look for the "Video" icon to play the associated video.

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  11/7/01 Raisian emphasizes 'decentralized solutions'
  11/7/01 Shapiro says antibiotics becoming increasingly useless
  11/7/01 Campbell warns against the loss of civil liberties
  11/7/01 Perry expresses concern about Pakistan's nuclear capabilities
  11/7/01 Sen. Nunn says Americans have lost sense of invulnerability
  11/6/01 Physics professor explains what lies beneath sunspots
  10/21/01 Stanford welcomes new students
  10/18/01 Bhutto encourages Americans to 'give moral and political support to the anti-Taliban coalition'
  10/17/01 Stipek emphasizes supporting rather than controlling children's learning experiences
  10/15/01 Colleagues toast Spence

September 11th: What Happened, and What Now?
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  10/11/01 In time for homecoming, a big new home for alumni
  10/10/01 (video from 1993 interview) Stanford's Spence wins Nobel for economics

CUE tour premieres in Portland: "Think Again' road show helping to raise $1 billion
Spend 14 minutes at Stanford
  10/3/01 Stanford's Nobel laureates celebrate 
  10/3/01 Terrorism expert Laura Donahue says 'terrorism in a liberal state is always possible'
  10/3/01 D-HEAR necklace amplifies sound for people with severe hearing loss
  9/21/01 Sohini Ramachandran shares her secrets for success at Stanford
  9/21/01 President Hennessy welcomes the Class of 2005 at the 111th Opening Convocation
  9/16/01 Scientists tag bluefin tuna
  9/14/01 Stanford community mourns at prayer service
  9/14/01 President Hennessy calls for justice, not vengeance
  9/5/01 Scott Bukatman calls Stanford 'the natural home' for film studies
  9/01 Terrorism expert Steven Block comments on the continuing threat of terrorist attacks
  8/31/01 Nobel laureate Paul Berg comments on Jim Clark's opposition to President Bush's stem cell policy
  8/31/01 Bio-X is 'broader' than stem cell research, says co-director James Spudich
  8/22/01 STS: Combining perspectives for an increasingly complicated world
  8/22/01 Historian Paula Findlen speaks on making figures interesting for 'a different age'
  6/20/01 Turn fear into motivation, Fiorina says
  5/2/01 Hewlett Foundation announces $400 million gift to Stanford University
  3/7/01 BroadVision CEO to donate $15 million to fund particle astrophysics and cosmology institute