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The following is an index of Stanford Report articles which feature video supplements. The videos are available for viewing in multiple formats: Quicktime, Real, and Windows Media. Click on the article headline to open that article in a new window, and then look for the "Video" icon to play the associated video.

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  11/24/03 Geophysicist Zoback discusses SAFOD project
  11/06/03 Gravity Probe B countdown begins
  11/06/03  Leland talks about athletics proposals
  10/27/03 James H. Clark: Collaborative environment key to innovation
  10/27/03 Brauman explains his research
  10/22/03 LINX's menu has something for everyone
  10/08/03 A glimpse of Hudson River School artwork
  09/19/03 President Hennessy welcomes the class of 2007
  09/19/03 New students receive words of advice at 2003 Convocation
  09/09/03 New buses offer many benefits
  08/28/03 Carson reflects on King's legacy
  08/04/03 University architect David Neuman gives a tour of the Clark Center
  08/04/03  'Floating peel' installed at Cantor Arts Center
  07/24/03 Genetics study reveals that historic whale populations were much larger than previous estimates
  06/15/03 Graduates engage in traditional 'wacky walk'
  06/15/03 Peruvian leader implores graduates to help fight world poverty
  06/11/03 Stanford offers land to Palo Alto for athletic fields, housing  
  05/12/03 32nd Powwow features colorful costumes and traditional dances
  05/05/03 Hennessy addresses the Annual Meeting of the Academic Council
  04/30/03  Ants rely on smell and touch when deciding to go to work 
  04/24/03 Cub Reporters visit the News Service during ‘Take our Daughters and Sons to work’ day 
  04/09/03 For Community Day participants, a multitude of activities
  04/08/03 Linde: New data support cosmic inflation
  04/07/03  Conti demonstrates a haptic interface
  04/03/03  Biomechanist explains 'Groucho running'
  03/20/03 Air National Guard official discusses helicopter rescue of three cruise ship travelers to Stanford Hospital
  03/17/03 Business school professor discusses impact of hypothetical anthrax attack
  03/10/03 Engineering students demonstrate advantages of cockroach-inspired robots
  02/26/03 Prince Philippe returns to his favorite campus haunts
  02/26/03 Gabrieli says brains of dyslexics can be 'rewired' successfully
  02/19/03 Parkinson discusses the role of GPS in agriculture
  02/19/03 Marine biologists describe coastal 'neighborhoods'
  02/13/03 Two Supreme Court justices participate in televised reenactment of historic steel seizure case
  02/12/03 Exhibit explores Muybridge's photography experiments
  02/05/03 Vigil honor "Columbia astronauts"
  02/05/03 Undergrad carries on tap
  02/04/03 Paper still need to play a part in voting, computer scientist says
  01/22/03 Artist Jose Bedia reflect on art's spiritual path from Africa to New World
  01/15/03 Panetta, Palumbi call for 'national commitment' to marine reserves