Video Archive for 2006

An index of Stanford News videos for 2006.

Wight makes fun with science

Rats have better memory and learning with a new therapy

Artificial Intelligence might keep you from doing the dishes

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Stipek discusses fixing K-12, training good teachers

Master of math: "It can be totally cool"

What happened to solidarity with U.S. post-9/11?

The Roundtable at Stanford addresses global anxieties of today and tomorrow

An underwater look at the USS Macon wreckage

Roger Kornberg wins the 2006 Nobel Prize in chemistry

New students officially welcomed to the Farm

The father of DSL wins $100,000 Marconi Award for his pioneering work

The class of 2010 signs in

Stanford's new stadium to open for the Navy Game Sept. 16

A look at the people and machines behind CEES

Gregorian relates lessons from grandmother and Plutarch

Brokaw welcomes graduates to a 'world of perpetual contradictions'

Graduating seniors celebrate at 2006 Commencement

How does your garden grow?

Awards ceremony honors community service partnerships and faculty

New Katrina? Potential earthquake could widen levee breach and flood the delta

Anthrax attack could present contamination problems

Extra! Extra! Cub reporters create special edition of Stanford Report

Farewell, Hawkeyes; hello, Cardinal

The arts take center stage

Gregory Beroza discusses magnitude of '06 quake

Serra House makes room for Munger

Mariposa House on the move

Technically, it was time for Yoda

Kapur and Bunn discuss the Bush administration's agreement with India

Palo Alto honors Stanford engineering students

Lauren Silver on what children in 19-century American art tell us about the era

Inan explains the significance of a rare, giant gamma-ray flare

Parents visit their children on campus

Proof positive no longer possible in math theory; experts can certify, but computers do the work

Arrow receives the National Medal of Science at the White House

West speaks about the essentials of educational equity

Cantor Center after the quake: An engineer reflects on rehabilitating a campus landmark

King Institute ceremony kicks off campus events honoring Martin Luther King Jr.