Video Archive for 2009

An index of Stanford News videos for 2009.

Study: Global warming will force wildlife to migrate

Stanford computer models track 18th-century correspondence

Unprecedented Stanford study does not bode well for future wine, corn crops in the United States

Stanford professor's battery, made of paper, looks to change the energy landscape

Stanford scholar says Dostoevsky is still relevant, and still a bestseller

Stanford legal expert considers robots and the law

Rising temperatures could cause increase in African civil wars, study says

Stanford potters preserve the old ways of the Inca

Stanford study: Earth's early ocean was cool, not hot

Robert Sapolsky talks about depression and its origin

Paul Ehrlich: We must change behavior to save global culture

Stanford's Hopkins Marine Station tracks white shark migration

Environmental Venture Projects Forum spotlights interdisciplinary research

Fermi Telescope

Galapagos rap: Students find fresh way to sum up island study

Stanford Roundtable: Google's Eric Schmidt on U.S. immigration policies

Stanford Roundtable: Panelists examine road to economic recovery

President Hennessy gives Woods Institute an 'A' for its efforts

Anonymous 4, Stanford faculty teach Gregorian chant at Memorial Church

The Value of the Essay in the 21st Century

Nanosensor chips for early cancer detection

Stanford scholar gets six-figure settlement from James Joyce Estate

Three authors encourage Stanford freshmen to 'keep hoping and dreaming and fighting'

Stanford students claim new altitude record for tiny, autonomous planes

President John Hennessy urges Class of 2013 to take intellectual risks

Cheers and advice for Stanford's Class of 2013

Video: Stanford welcomes the class of 2013

Seminar turns campus kitchen into classroom

Building designed to right itself after earthquake passes shake-table test

Stanford photo scientists are teaching the camera new tricks

Multitasking works? Not really, Stanford study shows

Stanford undergrads create a cell designed to help the body repair itself

Stanford's Jazz Workshop is a legacy of the masters

Stanford tests its new emergency siren system

Stanford's Asian Art exhibit has a dazzling collection of Chinese, Japanese and Korean pieces

Stanford Professor of Psychiatry is a basketball sparkplug at the Senior Games

Stanford's Zimbardo, seeking his roots, helps build a future for a town in Sicily

The NanoLab offers an inexpensive way to detect diseases

Stanford engineer warns of looming nuclear threat

Stanford students walk through history

Making WWII tanks come to life

Carbon sequestration and energy production

Computer simulation showing the formation of twin stars

Liberal or conservative, voters can be convinced to vote the other way

A quicker, cheaper way to sort isotopes

Kennedy's 2009 Commencement Address

Excerpt: Kennedy on freedom and law

Class of '09 does the 'Wacky Walk'

Ruth Messinger tells Stanford grads, 'You are what you do'

2009 Baccalaureate Celebration

2009 Class Day Lecture by Robert Sapolsky

The doctor will see you at your car window

Stanford's retiring archivist looks at the past and the future

Lyman discusses guiding the university through tumultuous times

Big dance warm-up kicks off the third Cardinal Walk

The Stanford Goat Project

Michel Serres talks about cultural differences

One million downloads of iPhone course

The annual Stanford Powwow brings together dancers from throughout North America

George Shultz explains the difference between the 'ought' and what is at Harry's Last Lecture

Bioelectricity promises more 'miles per acre' than ethanol

Microsoft's Steve Ballmer talks at Stanford about the computing future

2009 Amy Blue Award winners measure up to the tradition

Stanford@SEA 2007: From Hawaii to Christmas Island and back

Fifth annual Wellness Fair is a health information bonanza

Highlights: Hennessy addresses budget challenges

President Hennessy's address to the Academic Council

Academic Council: Panel on the economic crisis

Education professor wins Miriam Aaron Roland Volunteer Service Prize

Stanford recognizes local organizations dealing with 'real world' problems

Prospective members of the class of 2013 and their parents visit Stanford

SLAC's revolutionary new laser

'An Art Affair' showcases creative talent at university

Leland and Jane Stanford celebrated during Founders' Day

Stanford Engineering students make an inexpensive knee joint that works

Zipcar and Zimride work together

Earth Day pioneer urges Stanford students to make their mark

Enthusiasm and stories mark the Daily's new building dedication

Stanford researcher says it is unlikely North Korea will give up nuclear weapons

Stanford fans give enthusiastic send-off to the women's basketball team

Acceptances to the Class of 2013 go in the mail

A trove of sound recordings from past eras

Students from Product Realization Lab show off their inventions

Discussing the evolution of iStanford

iStanford tutorial

Rice calls for comprehensive immigration reform

Wells Fargo CEO: Bank stress tests 'asinine'

Stanford's Facebook presence gets positive response

Rowza Tur Rumma, Chemical Engineering, Class of 2010

Josh Archibald-Seiffler, Stanford Class of 2010

Rachel Antonsen, History, Class of 2011

Kyle Tsai, Mechanical Engineering, Class of 2011

David Geeter, Earth Systems, Class of 2011

Stanford's Mobile Phone Orchestra makes a new musical dimension

Families flock to campus for Parents' Weekend

Stanford's Campbell discusses how we 'use and abuse' history

Cantor Arts Center showcases Rodin

Stanford researcher spotlights antebellum slave auction paintings

A bull elephant at a watering hole in Namibia

Stanford biologist Paul Ehrlich issues a dire warning

Emergency drill at Stanford

Stanford's new collection of old maps

Emergency drill at Stanford

World's smallest writing, on a piece of copper

The first brother-in-law brings his team to play Stanford

Elizabeth Streb teaches dance by defying gravity

Stanford's Carson says that Obama, like MLK, understands history

Musharraf feels the heat at Stanford

Stanford announces the $100 million Precourt Institute for Energy