Video Archive for 2010

An index of Stanford News videos for 2010.

New research center tackles mobility disorders

Joshua Landy: In defense of literature

In zero gravity, Stanford researchers look for answers to protect spacecraft

Clooney, Prendergast urge action on Sudan

Students create graphic novels for social change

Stanford 2010 Roundtable discussion on longevity and the boomers

Stanford researchers study habits of Humboldt squid

President Hennessy salutes the Dalai Lama, and is honored in return

The Dalai Lama talks about compassion, respect

Researchers, the Dalai Lama and the neuroscience of altruism

Stanford stages large-scale evacuation exercise

Huang Engineering Center is dedicated

Stanford researcher's online map pinpoints cigarette factories

Stanford police's bike safety effort goes into full gear

When is murder genocide?

Tracking marlin in Hawaiian waters

Why the West Rules - For Now

Stanford Welcomes the Class of 2014

120th Opening Convocation Ceremony

Stanford researchers create super-sensitive artificial skin

Stanford offers philosophy expertise online

Children of gay and straight couples do equally well in school

Stanford's 'Stickybot,' a Gecko-like robot, climbs vertical services

Stanford researchers work to solve the problem of space traffic control

A few moments with Taylor Eigsti at his piano

Stanford researchers combine heat and light to produce more solar power

Ordinary soot is key to saving Arctic sea ice, Stanford researcher finds

Cantor exhibit spotlights Pan-African images of 'Mami Wata'

Stanford's engineering library goes 'bookless'

Children in Crisis provides medical care for Guatemala's most vulnerable citizens

Stanford researchers try to change the game with camera software

Stephen Schneider urges action on climate change

'The Wanderings of Odysseus' starts Homer-inspired season

A story of politics, murder and enduring love fill a book written by Paul Gregory

Russian President Medvedev visits Stanford

2010 Commencement: the Wacky Walk

UN Ambassador Susan Rice urges grads to be agents of change

Stanford's 2010 Baccalaureate Celebration

Graduate students create an inexpensive, fun electric car

Building bridges for Palestinian, Israeli children

Stanford Visitor Center celebrates its roomy new quarters

Three staff members are honored with 2010 Amy Blue Awards

Campus steps out for the Cardinal Walk

Understanding fish reactions to their reflections

Why Nuclear Power?

President Hennessy presents a virtual, walking tours to the Academic Council

Stanford celebrates new concert hall with groundbreaking

The Stanford Powwow returns to campus for the 39th time

Honoring Reich, Satz for public service

Going undercover to study race relations

Resisting the Nazis with pen, piano and paintbrush

Stanford's sixth annual Wellness Fair

Open Office Hours on Facebook: A tour of the

Campus rolls out the Cardinal carpet for prospective freshmen

Ted Turner talks about business and the U.N.

Dave Douglas Rehearses with the Stanford Jazz Orchestra

Bill Gates pushes students toward philanthropy

Stanford throws a Robot Block Party

German Chancellor Angela Merkel visits Stanford

Plant pathogen tailors attacks genetically, Stanford researcher says

Stanford Electric Vehicle Showcase

Remembering his work with Bertolt Brecht

Why early Earth's oceans didn't freeze

Stanford women's basketball team heads to NCAA Final Four in San Antonio

Stanford Engineering professor dissects Haiti, Chile earthquakes

Stanford's autonomous car gets a workout

Health bill -- who wins, who loses

Carbon dioxide domes hurt health; affect 'cap and trade'

Lawrence Summers outlines six points for economic survival

Stanford Institute for Economic Policy Research gets a new home

Stanford Engineering Class Helping People With Disabilities

Director Aleta Hayes puts 'Chocolate Heads' cast through its paces

Steven Chu brings green technology message to Stanford

Lessons for today from the Pueblo Revolt of 1680

Parents' Weekend 2010

Your avatar can influence real-world behavior

Oxidate It Or Love It / Electron to the Next One

Stanford professor's battery, made of paper, looks to change the energy landscape

Global warming may hurt some poor populations, benefit others

Scholar explores links between Rome, America

Teaching computers to understand human language

Role-playing your way to math mastery?

Landmark exhibit of key 20th century Chinese painters opens at Cantor Arts Center

Stanford researchers find threatening levels of smoke at California's Indian casinos

Behind the scenes: Cantor conservators inspect Chinese scrolls before installation

Stanford professor drills deep, 14,000 feet deep, in the Antarctic for answers

Scholar explores the violent world of Russian writer Issac Babel

Looking for love? Have you tried the Internet?

Stanford encryption pioneer honored

Stanford's robotic Audi to brave Pikes Peak without a driver

Unabomber raises uneasy questions for scholar

Stanford Study: Aging Investors Make More Mistakes

A Stanford nuclear arms expert and a former secretary of state talk about a clear and present danger

DNA study: Hunting whales on grounds of overabundance not justified

Sea birds and coconut palms don't mix, Stanford researchers say

Avatars are changing how we relate in the workplace

Hennessy says Cold War-era rules restricting technology exports impede research

Stanford professor compares energy from Haiti earthquake to a nuclear blast

Stanford scholar: What Martin Luther King, Jr. would think of U.S. today

A visiting poet from Wales talks about the need to preserve languages

Stanford solar irrigation project in Africa