Video Archive for 2014

An index of Stanford News videos for 2014.

Mark Lemley on intellectual property law

Stanford students get into the holiday spirit

Stanford geophysicist measures saltwater intrusion into underground freshwater

Seeking the origins of mental illness

Stanford research: Human climbing with efficiently scaled gecko-inspired dry adhesives

Sheri Sheppard of Stanford is U.S. Professor of the Year

Stanford Symphony Orchestra performs Mahler's Symphony No. 6

Stanford students design and build smartphone-controlled quadcopters

Learning in Hawaii's 'living lab'

A day in Stanfor's Wrigley Field Program in Hawaii

Blind Summit teaches puppetry at Stanford's Bing Concert Hall

Hollyhock Fellowship supports early career teachers

2014 Roundtable highlights

Stanford classicist, political scientist Josiah Ober on democracy

Stanford engineers build earthquake-resistant house

Stanford's new player piano collection brings sounds of history to life

Colleagues and students react to the news of W.E. Moerner's Nobel Prize

2014 Stanford Bright Award

Stanford scientists explain the state of California's drought

The Anderson Collection at Stanford University

Stanford student-athletes on sexual assault

Stanford student enrich zoo animals' lives

Stanford engineers design ant-sized radio

Stanford researchers dynamically crowdsource online experts

Stanford scientists develop low-cost water splitter

Stanford students create pilotless aircraft

Science of Captain America

Nanoscale protein motors

Hummingbird hovering around flower

Virtual Human Interaction Lab

Building a bicycle, one piece at a time

Three-atom-thick crystal

A fly-through video of a rodent brain

Video showing kinase proteins

2014 Commencement highlights

Commencement begins with Wacky Walk

Stanford Professor Fred Turner urges Class of '14 to embrace technology and politics to improve society

Stanford 2014 Baccalaureate highlights

HIVE dedication

Stanford's arts immersion program

2014 Amy J. Blue Awards Ceremony

Stanford engineer invents safe way to transfer energy to medical chips in the body

2014 Amy J. Blue Awards Ceremony

2014 Amy J. Blue Awards Ceremony

Osmotic shock

2014 Amy J. Blue Awards Ceremony

Thank you, faculty and staff: 40% off Stanford Football

Cantor spotlights Carleton Watkins' groundbreaking photography

Understanding the Limits of Crops Under Extreme Heat

Mimicking the human brain

Stanford scientists create novel way to do time-lapse studies of crystallization

Stanford bioengineer creates $5 chemistry set

Stanford engineers design video game controller that can read players' minds

Stanford exhibit spotlights medieval 'world of words'

Physics and Vivaldi

Art students showcase their work in Open Studios

Michell Obama promotes global education during speech at Stanford Center at Peking University

Stanford students build autonomous robots for 'Botcoin Bonanza'

Stanford Professor Andrei Linde celebrates physics breakthrough

Stanford scientists brave the 'vomit comet' to improve astronauts' heart health

Stanford scientists explain state of California's drought

Stanford simulations show offshore wind farms could tame hurricanes

Merits of reading literature

Students and their families enjoy Parents' Weekend at Stanford

Developing creativity skills through music

U.S. methane emissions higher than thought

Stanford students visit local schools for annual Brain Day

Stanford professor traces roots of the psychedelic '60s to postwar America

My Fair Lady

Neural prosthetics: understanding reach planning

Stanford scientists use 'virtual earthquakes' to forecast Los Angeles quake risk

Fly on a treadmill

Mark Zuckerberg in conversation with Stanford President John Hennessy

Stanford design students show off their creations from the Product Realization Lab

Stanford professor makes ukuleles from Bing Concert Hall floor