Mothers and Newborns Course

Course Objective

Peds/OB 282 is a student-led medical school elective course that gives preclinical students the unique opportunity to follow a woman through her experience with pregnancy, childbirth and early infant-rearing. This elective is open to all preclinical students. While some students in the class have expressed an interest in OBGYN, this class is recommended and valuable to ALL medical students, regardless of the career path they choose to pursue.


Students are matched with a pregnant woman in the community, attending their prenatal OB appointments and, with approval of the mother, the childbirth. It is our hope that the mothers participating in the program will also invite their student to attend other activities as they feel comfortable (i.e. childbirth education classes, post-partum OB checkups, early pediatric visits). How deep of a relationship you form is completely up to the student and participating mother. While some students only see their mothers during the prenatal appointments and birth, others will form a closer relationship and talk/meet outside of the medical appointment times.

Course is held in Li Ka Shing, Room LK 209, 9:50-10:35 AM

Attendance policy: 2 excused absences allowed. 1-2 page reflection due at the end of the course.

March 30

Course Introduction, Maternal Fetal Medicine
Dr. Gaea Moore

Fertility Treatment
Dr. Ioanna Comstock

April 6

Supporting and Coaching Women in Labor
Daychin Campbell

Obstetric Anesthesiology
Dr. Brendan Carvalho

April 13

Stanford Residency Program current sim tech
Dr. Kimberly Harney

L & D Tour
Dr. Stephanie Malkary

April 20

Postpartum Contraception/Family Planning
Pregnancy in the International Setting
Dr. Kate Shaw

April 27

Early Infant Development
Dr. Lama Rimawi

Dr. Susan Crowe

May 4

OB Care of the Low-Risk Woman
Dr. Colleen Moreno

Pregnancy Nutrition
Dr. Susan Carter

May 11

The Healthy Newborn Exam
Nursery Tour
Dr. Janelle Aby

May 18

Dr. Bill Benitz

Patient Interview
Moderated by Dr. Gaea Moore

May 25

High Risk Obstetrics
Dr. Yasser El-Sayed

Patient Interview - Accreta
Moderated by Dr. Yasser El-Sayed

TA: Joy He