Enabling Discovery, Understanding, and Sharing of Environmental Data

The System of Registries (SoR) is a resource for environmental system developers and enterprise architects. It also provides environmental program managers and users of environmental information with automated services to enable better understanding of environmental terminology and data used by the Agency.

Data standards are an integral part of these services. Information about data standards may be accessed on the separate Data Standards Web Site.

READ Registry of EPA Applications, Models and Databases (READ)
  • System/Application Information
  • Environmental Models
  • System Inventory Services
Environmental Dataset Gateway Environmental Dataset Gateway (EDG)
  • Datasets
  • Maps and Templates
  • Live Maps
  • Web-based Mapping Tools
Data Registry Services Data Element Registry Services (DERS)
  • Data Dictionaries
  • Code Sets
  • Standard Data Elements
  • Concepts and Meanings
  • Mappings to Data Standards and Systems

Reusable Component Library Services Reusable Component Services (RCS)
  • Web Services
  • Schema
  • Blocks of Code
  • Data Models
  • Templates
Terminology Services Terminology Services (TS)
  • Terms and Definitions
  • Glossaries
  • Thesauri
  • Keyword Lists
  • Taxonomies

Facility Registry System Facility Registry Services (FRS)
  • Names
  • Locations
  • Owner/Operator
  • Other Information
Substance Registry Services Substance Registry Services (SRS)
  • Chemicals
  • Biologicals
  • Physical Properties
  • Standard and Programmatic Name


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