Office of Medical
Education (OME)

Office of Medical Education (OME)

The Office of Medical Education (OME) assists the Committee on Curriculum and Academic Policy (CCAP) in the task of central coordination of the curriculum. The OME is responsible for assessing national trends and making recommendations for curricular modification, sponsoring meetings of pre-clerkship and clerkship directors, and contributing to faculty development by conducting workshops and education retreats. When complex issues arise that are beyond the scope of the CCAP, the OME works with ad hoc task forces to analyze problems and propose solutions.

OME manages the pre-clerkship and clerkship evaluation process. All pre-clerkships and clerkships are reviewed by the CCAP and feedback is provided to pre-clerkship and clerkship directors. In required clerkships, particular attention is paid to consistency across training sites. In cases where numerical ratings and comments suggest a need for improvement, pre-clerkship or clerkship directors must discuss plans with the CCAP. Persistent problems are referred to the OME for continued discussion, and progress reports are presented to the CCAP. The Office of Medical Education publishes CCAP course reviews and data summaries at the end of each academic year.

The OME group consists of the following divisions:

MD Curriculum Office of Scholarly Concentrations
Educators-4-CARE Committee on Curriculum & Academic Policy
Division of Evaluation


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