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Open Framework is a Drupal 7 base theme, built with Bootstrap that provides a simple yet powerful way to create complex responsive layouts.


Open Framework provides a set of responsive regions that you can use to create a variety of complex layouts. Open Framework’s responsive regions use a combination of several multi-device layout patterns.

Easy to Use

Drop your blocks in Open Framework’s responsive regions and you are good to go! In developing Open Framework, ease-of-use for site builders and content editors has been our top priority, and that is reflected in the choices we have made in the theme’s features and code.

Building on Bootstrap

Open Framework builds on Bootstrap's styles and responsive behaviors to provide a more foundational base theme that’s built with Drupal in mind.

Using Open Framework

You can use the Open Framework theme as a stand-alone, fully-featured theme, or as a base theme in your next Drupal 7 project. Download it from GitHub

Check out our Getting Started guide to learn how to take advantage of all the features in the theme.

Get Involved

Join our mailing list to receive regular updates and get involved in the theme discussion, or participate in the GitHub issue queue to contribute.

Sites using OFW

Open Framework at Stanford

Open Framework is the base theme for Stanford University's central Drupal theme development. Open Framework, Stanford Framework, and various subthemes are maintained centrally by Stanford Web Services.

Learn more about all of Stanford's Drupal themes online at