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2014 Conference

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Michael Boots photo

Michael Boots
Acting Chair, White House
Council on Environmental Quality

Jennifer Granholmm photo
Gov. Jennifer Granholm
Former Governor of Michigan;
Practitioner of Law and Public Policy, UC-Berkeley
Stefan Heck photo

Stefan Heck
Former Director, McKinsey, Cleantech and Sustainability Practices;
Consulting Professor, Stanford

George Shultz photo

Secretary George Shultz
Former U.S. Secretary of State, Treasury and Labor;
Chair, Hoover Institution Energy Policy Task Force

Cathy Zoi photo

Cathy Zoi
Former U.S. Assistant Secretary of Energy;
Consulting Professor, Stanford


Resource revolution
Will renewable energy meet our policy goals and energy needs?
Managing drought
Utility of the future: Evolution of the electric power industry
Lighting innovations
Big data analytics in energy management
Innovation and water scarcity
Energy investment trends
Managerial approaches for energy and carbon
Business case for the Internet of things

Panel Speakers