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Carrie Armel

Centers & Institutes:
Research Associate, Precourt Energy Efficiency Center

Area of Work:
Behavior & Energy

Current Research:

  • » Preparing an integrative review that identifies the most effective behavior change techniques from multiple disciplines so that they may be translated and applied to addressing climate change.
  • » Developing climate-positive behavior change interventions.
  • » Developing tools for measuring climate change relevant behaviors, for use in evaluating the efficacy of behavior change interventions, and in providing feedback to individuals.
  • » Developing a "Behavior and Energy" website and literature database, which serves as a central repository for research on climate relevant behavior, and also serves as the official website for the Behavior, Energy, and Climate Change conferences.


Curriculum Vitae (pdf)


Carrie Armel's PEEC Funded Projects

Behavior and Decision-Making Research Related to Energy Efficiency and Climate Change

Creating More Sustainable Decisions and Behaviors through New Processes and Focused Interventions

Energy Feedback Pilot Infrastructure Project

Increasing Energy Efficiency Behaviors among Adolescents

Serious Games and Energy Use Behavior

Carrie Armel's Presentations

Behavior, Energy and Climate Change: A Solutions-Oriented Approach (0.9MB PDF) Feature presentation at the February 27, 2008 session of Stanford University's Energy Forum. Also presented at the Stanford School of Medicine on May 29, 2008.

Carrie Armel's Research

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