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Viewpoint: A New Twist in Simulating Solar Flares

Simulations show for the first time how the magnetic fields that produce solar flares can extend out of the Sun by acquiring a twist. Read More »

Quantum Physics

Focus: Computer Chooses Quantum Experiments

Quantum weirdness is hard for humans to grasp, so researchers wrote a program to suggest experimental setups. Read More »

Biological Physics

Synopsis: Cells Go with the Crowd

A simple model suggests a way in which clusters of cells could follow concentration gradients in cases where individual cells cannot. Read More »


Highlights from AAAS 2016

Van Gogh’s true colors, research in the era of “megascience,” and more from the annual meeting of the American Association for the Advancement of Science. Read More »

Soft Matter

Synopsis: Order in Glasses

Correlated patterns of particles form in colloidal liquids as they approach the glass transition. Read More »


Synopsis: With Heat Comes Current

Researchers have observed spin-dependent thermoelectric currents in superconductors—a finding that could lead to precise cryogenic thermometers. Read More »

Materials Science

Viewpoint: Rethinking Superhydrophobicity

High-resolution imaging of a drop moving on an ultra-water-repellent surface spurs researchers to propose a new definition for superhydrophobicity. Read More »

Particles and Fields

Focus: Landmarks—The Charming Debut of a New Quark

An unexpected particle discovery in 1974 was the first evidence for a fourth type of quark. Read More »

Biological Physics

Synopsis: Identifying Whale Dialects

A new spectral analysis method can automatically find differences in the calls of whales from separate groups. Read More »

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