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Professor of Physics

Varian Physics Bldg, 382 Via Pueblo Mall, Physics Department, Stanford University, Stanford, CA 94305-4060

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Prof. Hayden is a leader in the exciting new field of quantum information science.  He has contributed greatly to our understanding of the absolute limits that quantum mechanics places on information processing, and how to exploit quantum effects for computing and other aspects of communication.  He has also made some key insights on the relationship between black holes and information theory.


  • Ph.D., University of Oxford, 2001
  • Sherman Fairchild Prize Postdoctoral Fellow, Caltech, 2001-2004
  • Assistant Professor, McGill Unviersity, 2004-2008
  • Associate Professor, McGill University, 2008-2013
  • Distinguished Research Chair, Perimeter Institute for Theoretical Physics, 2010-present
  • Senior Fellow, Canadian Institute for Advanced Research, 2013-present
  • Professor of Physics, Stanford University, Sept. 2013-present


  • Outstanding Young Computer Science Researcher Prize, Canadian Assoc. of Computer Science, 2011
  • Sloan Research Fellowship, 2007-2009
  • Sherman Fairchild Prize Fellowship, 2001-2004
  • Rhodes Scholarship, 1998-2001