Sample Degree Verification Letter1

[This sample letter should be written on University or School Letterhead and include the signature of an official authorized to confirm degree completion on behalf of the School or University.)


[Institution and/or School Name & Address]

Dear [SU Department or Office of Postdoctoral Affairs]:

On behalf of the [Institution and/or School Name], Program in [department program name] I am pleased to inform you that [prospective scholar name], [prospective scholar date of birth] has been awarded the Doctor of Philosophy degree in [department program name] on [Date].

A diploma and final transcript reflecting degree completion in [department program name] will be issued by [Authorized University Office such as Registrar, Board of Graduate Studies, etc.] to [prospective scholar name[ at the next degree granting ceremony on [Date].   In the interim, this letter and an official transcript showing the award of the degree is available in the Office of [Student Records].


[Authorized Official]


University Registrar, Pro-Vice Chancellor, Chancellor, Chair-Faculty Senate, Chair-General Assembly, Deputy Director of the Assembly, Vice-Provost for Student Affairs, Vice Provost for Academic Affairs, Provost