Stanford University
Postdoctoral Scholars

March 2011

ACTION ITEM: Training Requirement For New Postdoc System

TO: Departmental Postdoc Administrators
FROM: Office of Postdoctoral Affairs
SUBJ: Training Requirement for new PeopleSoft Postdoc System

The Office of Postdoctoral Affairs (OPA) is preparing to launch a new Postdoctoral Scholar administration module in PeopleSoft in March. The new system will automate administrative processes related to postdocs, and move those processes to a web-based interface, including:

- New Appointments
- Changes of Faculty Advisor
- Appointment date changes/extensions
- Salary/funding changes, including October 1 increases
- Leave of Absence requests
- Terminations

The University requires that all department Postdoc administrators complete training prior to being granted access to the system. Required training includes:

1. Completion of the online "PeopleSoft Concepts & Compliance" tutorial; and
2. Attendance at a Postdoc system training session (dates TBA)

If you are already a PeopleSoft Student Records user, it is assumed you have already completed the PeopleSoft Concepts & Compliance tutorial; you do not need to repeat this prerequisite. You will only be required to attend the Postdoc system training prior to or immediately following Go Live.

If you are not a PeopleSoft user, you are encouraged to complete the PeopleSoft Concepts & Compliance prerequisite at your earliest convenience. To do so, go to:

Follow the instructions on the page for completing the PeopleSoft Concepts & Compliance tutorial and submitting the Certificate of Completion.

Training Sessions on the Postdoc System:
We will share information about training for the new Postdocs system itself as soon as those sessions are scheduled. Several sessions will be scheduled.

Project Updates, Information and Memos are all available in the PeopleSoft Project Folder of the Postdoc Administrator Blog online:


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