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Update on PeopleSoft Module, Status of Appointments, Authority

Posted 4:43 PM, August 23, 2011, by tjwilson


The following is some helpful information to answer some frequently asked questions we have been receiving in the past few days.

Status of Appointments/Changes/Terminations:
• Email notifications have been or will be sent for the remaining hard-copy submissions received by OPA. If you think you may have missed the email, please log-in to PeopleSoft to check for the ID number. If you have not heard from OPA by Wednesday on a paper packet you submitted on or before Aug. 12th, please submit a HelpSU.
• Status for items submitted online should be checked by the administrator (Role #1) via WorkFlow, or, if approved by OPA, by logging-in to PeopleSoft to pull the ID number.
• Staff who complete training and defined their originator (Role #1) and approver roles (Role #3) may now initiate new appointments in the new system at any time. The only transactions that cannot be performed are reappointments, terminations or leave of absence. Data migration is happening this week and you will be emailed once those types of transactions can be done in the system.

Getting Access to and Working in PeopleSoft:
• If you are in Role #1 – also known as Department Entry or Originator – for your area, you will receive an email notice that you have been given authority to PD Webforms. (This takes several days after all required training is completed, or we may be waiting for your department to finalize the roles.) You must have an approver, Role #3, defined for you in the system for you to receive security in the system.
• If you are in Roles #2 (Department Coordinator) and #3 (Department Manager), your Workflow will be activated when the corresponding administrator in Role #1 gets their authority.
• Role #1: If you can access the STF Postdoc “Invite” form, but cannot pull up your Dept ID please submit a HelpSU immediately – your authority needs to be re-instated. There is a known bug that if anything changes in Authority Manager, your security for the webforms must be reset. (Administrative Systems is aware of this bug.)
• Training required for Role #1 and Role #2, and is helpful but not required for Role #3.
• If you would like to attend the training again as a refresher, please feel free to audit any of the remaining sessions. The materials have been updated, so there will be some new information.
• PeopleSoft Learning Center can be found at

PD Webforms Systems Training PowerPoint Presentation:
• Available online at:

Known Issues for the PeopleSoft Module:
• Current list available online at:

Open Labs:
For anyone who needs a little one-on-one help with a question or problem they are having with the new Postdoc module in PeopleSoft and/or GFS. The labs are an unstructured format; first come, first served, and will be staffed by OPA and GFS. Please bring your real work with you to get help in real-time.
• Friday, September 30th, 9:00 am – noon, 427 Arguello Way (Please click on the campus map for directions.)
• Friday, October 7th, 9:00 am – noon, 427 Arguello Way (Please click on the campus map for directions.)
• Friday, November 4th, 9:00 am – noon, 427 Arguello Way (Please click on the campus map for directions.)
• Friday, December 2nd, 9:00 am – noon, 427 Arguello Way (Please click on the campus map for directions.)

PS Module Training Dates:
Please sign-up for the required OPA PS training – “PD Webforms Systems Training” – if you will be in either Role #1 or Role #2 for your area. Sign up in STARS: search for “PD Webforms” (Note: if attending the class for a second time, please do not register in STARS.)
• 08/25/2011: 10:00 AM – noon, Li Ka Shing Center, RM: LK120
• 09/07/2011: 10:00 AM – noon, 1215 Welch Road, Modular A, Room 62 [NEW!]

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