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December 2012

New Report in RM1: Outstanding Postdoc Tuition

To All University Postdoc Administrators:

I would like to announce that a report has been created in ReportMart1: “Outstanding Postdoc Tuition”. The report was designed to be succinct and user-friendly. (Contact Shannon Monahan for a Job Aid with instructions on where to find the report and how to run it.)

From the Research Policy Handbook:
As you recall, a $125 per quarter tuition/registration fee is charged to all actively appointed postdocs. As per the RPH 9.4: “This fee may be charged directly to a grant or contract from which the Scholar is being paid, or to a Fellowship supporting the Scholar. Where neither of these funding sources is available, the fee will be paid by the faculty sponsor/department in which the Scholar is appointed.”

A few notes:
• This report draws its data from the balances on the postdoc’s “student account”. Thus, please keep in mind that, if the postdoc has made a payment to their account which was inadvertently applied to the tuition, they will not be on this report since the tuition balance is zero.
• Along these lines, please make sure that postdocs are Aid Year activated correctly for each and every quarter. Incorrect Aid-Year activations could affect whether or not a tuition payment from GFS is applied appropriately.
• Also, note that by virtue of this report being housed in ReportMart1, this report runs on day-old data.

Should you have any questions regarding the report or the information contained within it, and you have researched the issue to the best of your ability, please send in a HelpSU ticket to the Office of Postdoctoral Affairs for assistance. We can triage to the GFS folks if need be.

Shannon Monahan
Reporting and Finance Analyst
Office of Postdoctoral Affairs
1215 Welch Rd, Mod A, Rm 85
MC: 5402

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