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Job Aids and Training Slides for Postdoc Admins

Postdoc Web Forms:

Invite Form (updated 01/08/16)

Recommendation Form (updated 01/08/16)

Change Transactions (updated 01/08/16)

Termination Form (updated 01/08/16)

Leave of Absence Form

Sixth Year Change Requests (updated 02/04/16)

Clinical Trainees


GRPD Aid Year Activation

Postdoc GRPD Aid Year Activation


Mid-Quarter Termination GFS Tuition/Tal Disbursement Override

Mid-Quarter Termination GFS Tuition/TAL Override


Tuition Job Aids:

Tuition Payments Beginning Autumn 2015 (updated 07/28/15)

Outstanding Postdoc Tuition Report in BI (updated 06/02/14)


Making An Offer To A Direct-Funded Postdoc

Making An Offer To A Direct-Funded Postdoc (updated 11/19/15)


Postdoc-Paid Insurance Exception Job Aid:

Postdoc-Paid Insurance Exception Instructions (updated 11/19/15)


Health Stream Training Job Aid:

HealthStream Training - Instructions and Checklist


Training Slides:

Postdoc Web Forms training slides, known issues, and other information

GFS Salary Entry Policy Training Slides (updated 10/07/15)


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