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A reappointment (i.e., extension of a postdoctoral appointment) is possible by agreement between the faculty member and the postdoctoral scholar in accordance with the terms of the offer and applicable University policy. Reappointments and term extensions should be discussed a minimum of 3 months before the end of the appointment. In addition, appointments that include visas require adequate processing time, typically 1 month. A reappointment/extension of a scholar in postdoctoral status may not exceed a total of five years of postdoctoral research (at Stanford or elsewhere), except in rare circumstances.  Refer to RPH 10.3, Section 2F & G, for applicable provisions and requirements, including term limit considerations.

Term Limit Considerations:  Postdocs who have completed five years of research or training and who are continuing at Stanford may be moved into an appropriate classification such as a Research Associate, Instructor or Lecturer.  Contact your faculty affairs office or human resource office to initiate the process at least three months in advance of the postdoctoral appointment end date.

Processing Reappointments/Extensions: Administrators may reappoint (or extend the current appointment) of their postdoctoral scholars by submitting a Change Form via the PeopleSoft Web Forms.

Sixth Training Year Requests
For reappointments that extend beyond 60 months (cannot exceed 72 months) of postdoctoral research experience (at Stanford or elsewhere), please read RPH 10.3, Section 2F & G, and submit the following documents in separate PDFs (no PDF portfolios please):

  1. Sixth Year Extension Request Form – PI (with noted supporting documents);
  2. Faculty Sponsor/PI's record of IDP Meetings with ALL trainees;
  3. Sixth Year Extension Request Form – Postdoc (with noted supporting documents);
  4. The scholar's record of IDP Meeting with PI;
  5. The scholar's updated CV;
  6. Research Experience Calculator (see Calculate Research Months for link to form);
  7. A copy of the fellowship award letter (for requests based on the completion of a nationally or internationally competitive postdoctoral research fellowship);
  8. A copy of the accepted job offer letter (for requests based on the need to bridge a short period of time to an accepted job offer start date).

International Scholars:  Change request web forms to reappoint international scholars must be accompanied by the appropriate submission of the visa request form (DS-2019 for J-1 holders via AXESS or the H-1B Request Form for H-1B holders).  Reappointment and visa end dates must be identical and as well as all funding attestations.  Reappointment and visa requests for international scholars are reviewed for approval simultaneously. 

Clinical Trainees:  Clinical Fellow reappointments/extensions require the submission of an updated signed Patient Care Form to the Office of Postdoctoral Affairs and to the Graduate Medical Education office at Stanford Hospital and Clinics.  The department administrator is responsible for ensuring the completion and submission of this form to those two respective offices.

If the reappointment of the clinical trainee follows the completion of a clinical training program and the trainee is continuing at Stanford in order to carry out basic science research while she or he plans to do some additional clinical duties through Stanford Hospital and Clinics as a housestaff physician not in training, a Termination of the Clinical Appointment must be submitted to OPA via the PeopleSoft Web Forms and a new appointment to recommend a Research Scholar must be initiated.  If, as a Research Scholar, the candidate will continue to perform clinical duties as an Attending Physician with Stanford Hospital and Clinics, the postdoctoral administrator must upload a signed Agreement for Services Outside of the Fellowship as part of the Recommendation Form.  Clinical arrangements in those cases may be made directly by the department with SHC to allow for the appropriate levels of credentialing and pay.

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