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Molecular & Cellular Physiology

Date posted: September 20, 2010

Description: A Postdoctoral TA position is available for MCP 256, How Cells Work: Energetics, Compartments and Coupling in Cell Biology.
The course (open to graduate and advanced undergraduate students) emphasizes understanding the principles of how coupling of molecular processes gives rise to essential functions at the cellular level. Topics covered include energetics, homeostasis, calcium signaling, skeletal muscle excitability, and transport mechanisms in epithelia, intracellular membranes, and excitable cells. Format includes introductory lectures together with in-class problem-solving, discussions of papers, and the use of mathematical models of cell function.

TA responsibilities include
1)    Attend class and help guide discussion MWF 2:15 – 4:05 pm
2)    Hold office hours and check homework (1 hr per week)
3)    Grade papers (2 early in the quarter and 1 at the end) in collaboration with the Professor

Application Deadline: 9/20/2010

How to apply: Email to:

Contact: Dr. Merritt Maduke
Phone: (650) 723-9075

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