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Student Housing News Update

Student Housing can offer housing to non-matriculated students (postdoctoral scholars) during the Summer Quarter only.

Postdoctoral Scholars who are interested in securing on-campus housing will need to submit an application in Axess under the "R&DE Portal" between mid-April and early July.

Community Academic Profiles

Stanford offers housing services that include on-campus student housing, temporary on-campus summer housing for Stanford affiliates, listing of non-Stanford resources and an apartment complex at the edge of campus called Stanford West. Although postdoctoral fellows are likely not to get assigned to campus housing during the academic year, on-campus housing may be available during the summer months through the Housing Assignments Office and Summer Conference Housing. Please contact their offices (numbers below) and identify yourself as a Stanford postdoctoral student looking for housing to discuss the possibilities of getting assigned on campus during the summer.

While Student Housing at Stanford is primarily intended for the use of matriculated Stanford Students, and is often in very high demand, we are able to accommodate non-matriculated students (postdocs) on campus once we meet demand from matriculated students.  Through our Community Housing program, we can also provide resources to help you find off-campus housing opportunities.

Important: Postdoctoral Scholars need to be admitted to Stanford and have a student ID and SUNet ID assigned to them before accessing to campus services. Your departmental postdoctoral administrator will provide you with a student ID number that you will use to create a SUNet ID.

Long-Term Off Campus Housing
The Community Housing office provides assistance to all Stanford affiliates who wish to find a rental in the community. Most of the rentals listed through the office are within 3 miles of the center of campus, but they also sometimes get listings for outlying areas such as San Francisco, Half Moon Bay, San Jose, Fremont and La Honda.

The Community Housing Office is located at 482 Galvez Mall, Suite 110 in the Galvez modular building and their hours are 8-5, Monday-Friday. They can also be called at (650) 723-3906. Their listings are on-line only through their website - offcampus.stanford .edu. As the service is for Stanford affiliates only, a SUNet ID and password are required. However, access to the website can be provided to new Stanford affliiates who have not yet recieved a SUNet ID and password if they provide proof of their affliiation, such as an offer letter. They have two computers and a printer available for use in the office lobby, but a SUNet ID is needed to use the computers. They also provide free telephone use, information on tenant rights and responsibilities, and many other informational handouts.

Where to Stay While Looking for Housing
Several types of temporary accommodations are available to you while you search for community housing. Summer Conference Services rents out guest-rooms in the student residences during the summer quarter to Stanford affiliates.

Also, Community Housing updates a list of suggested local hotels and motels surrounding Stanford.

Temporary housing in the summer
From mid-June through mid-August, housing at Stanford residences is available on a short-term basis through the Non-Student Summer Housing Program, located at 482 Galvez Mall, Suite 110; they can be contacted at (650) 725-1429. The program requires proof of Stanford affiliation in order to be assigned to housing.

In conjunction with the above service, the Conference Services office operates Short Term Housing in Wilbur Hall, a campus dormitory, from early August through mid-September for single matriculated graduate students. The cost is $32.30 per night per person, shared double room. A few single rooms are available for $40.42 per night. Reservations can be made by applying at and clicking on the “Short Term Housing – Stanford Grad Students” link.

Annual Housing On Campus
Enrolled, non-matriculated students, including postdoctoral scholars, are eligible to apply for a walk-in assignment to student housing once all of the matriculates students have been accommodated, but may not enter the Lottery or join the Waiting List for University housing. Postdoctoral scholars are considered for housing each quarter only after the demand has been met for enrolled, matriculated students. During Autumn Quarter, non-matriculated students are not considered for assignment until after the first day of  autumn quarter.

If a postdoctoral scholar is assigned to University housing, the contract expires at the end of the current academic year; that is, the contract will expire at the end of Spring Quarter for single students in 9-month residences, and in August for all others.

 Non-Stanford Resources

Check out other on-line rental listings.
Craig’s List at
SU Post at
San Jose Mercury News at
San Francisco Chronicle & Examiner at
Palo Alto Weekly and other community newspapers at

Apartment complexes also advertise in free magazines and directories that can be usually picked-up from any grocery store, or strip mall with drug stores, dry cleaners...etc.

The Bechtel International Center Bulletin Board always has postings for landlords renting and renters looking for roommates (shared housing). 

For more information
Community Housing - Phone: 650-723-3906 - Location: 482 Galvez Mall, Suite 110
Housing Assignments - Phone: 650-725-2810 - Location: 482 Galvez Mall, Suite 110
Summer Conference Housing - Phone: 650-723-3126 - Location: Encina Commons 123 Web Page



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