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Stanford University has a thriving academic community which includes over 1,800 post-doctoral scholars. Stanford prides itself on recruiting skilled and talented scholars from all over the world. Please note that some of this information is for School of Medicine scholars only (over 70% of all scholars are in the School of Medicine)

Getting Started

This ‘First Things First’ checklist will help new scholars get started at Stanford. We encourage all international scholars to visit Bechtel International Center for additional information.


The Postdoc Handbook contains information about resources available to postdoctoral scholars at Stanford, including University and SoM policies regarding postdoctoral scholars.

Stanford University, Research Policy Handbook (RPH)

Document RPH 10.3, Postdoctoral Scholars

Document RPH 4.1, Faculty Policy on Conflict of Commitment and Interest (including use of students and postdoctoral scholars)

Document RPH 10.6, Relationships Between Students (including Postdoctoral Scholars) and Outside Entities

Postdoc Patent and Copyright agreement (SU-18) This form is completed electronically in AXESS. Individuals can sign, and can view the status of, their agreement on the Academics tab.

Fellowships & Open Postdoctoral Positions

For information about internal fellowships and travel grants available through the Office of Postdoctoral Affairs, please visit

The Fellowships page contains information about obtaining fellowships at Stanford.

The Postdoctoral Fellowship Decision Model contains indicator tools about: fellowships or sponsored projects.

You can also check our listing of open postdoctoral positions and open postdoctoral mentored teaching experience or positions at Stanford.

Employment & Immigration Verifications

Stanford does not respond directly to any employment verification requests and Payroll no longer provides employment, salary or INS verifications. Stanford contracts with TALX Corporation (a third party service vendor) to provide employment, salary, and immigration verification services 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year through The Work Number web site. Employment verifications are needed to process mortgage, credit card, and other loan applications as well as to check references for job applications, prospective tenants and for employees applying for government sponsored social service programs. The Work Number provides several levels of verification services, please click on the links below :


All postdoctoral scholars are eligible for medical and dental coverage. Please read the information on our Benefits page and then signup for coverage (or waive coverage) through the ClearBenefits web site.


Educational opportunities designed for scholars are available.
Medical School Course Catalog (scholars may take Stanford courses as auditors.)
Health & lab safety courses are required for many postdoctoral scholars.


We encourage all international scholars to visit Bechtel International Center for information.


Formed in 1998, The Stanford University Postdoc Association (SUPD) promotes social and career opportunities and interests of more than 1,800 Stanford postdocs.


Information on Housing services and resources available to Stanford postdoctoral scholars, in the Postdoc Handbook.


General tax information, in the Postdoc Handbook.

The Controller's Office offers additional online information regarding taxes for postdoctoral scholars.
International scholars (non-resident aliens) can find additional information through Bechtel International Center.
Tax seminars are offered for all postdoctoral scholars through Bechtel and the School of Medicine.

Postdoctoral Scholar Resignation - Sample Letter

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