Research Fellowship Program in Cardiovascular Disease Prevention

Postdoctoral Research Interests

We particularly encourage applicants with interests in the following (covering multiple dimensions of prevention research):

  • Assessing the built environment's impact using health technology
  • Child and adolescent health promotion (behavioral approaches to obesity prevention and treatment, tobacco use control and prevention) 
  • Chronic disease risk factors in the community and clinical settings
  • The effect of aging and other factors on bone health
  • Environmental and neighborhood influences on health (physical, social, cultural environments)
  • Genetics of prevention (cardiovascular and cancer genetic epidemiology, Omics technologies in prevention and personal genomics)
  • Health behavior change (nutrition, physical activity, sedentary behavior, sleep quality, tobacco use control and prevention)
  • Healthy Aging
  • Obesity prevention and control
  • Policy research related to public health
  • Research methodology (community interventions, community-based participatory research, meta-analysis and bias in research, RCT methods, mathematical modeling, and econometrics)
  • Technologies for intervention and assessment of health behaviors and conditions (mHealth, ecological momentary assessment, ambulatory monitoring)
  • Women’s health and gender science
  • International prevention efforts/Global health