Pre-Approved Courses

CHPR 200: SPRC/GMD Research Seminar (Autumn, Winter, Spring)


CHPR 206: Meta-Research: Appraising Research Findings, Bias, and Meta-Analysis (Winter)


CHPR 213: Healthy/Sustainable Food Systems: Maximum Sustainability across Health, Economics, and Environment (Winter)


CHPR 223: Obesity in America: Clinical and Public Health Implications (Winter)


CHPR 225: The Role of Causal Inference, Study Design, & Outcomes in Community Research (Autumn)


CHPR 226: Health Promotion Over the Lifecourse: an Interdisciplinary Perspective (Autumn)


CHPR 231: Human Nutrition (Spring)


CHPR 247: Methods for Community Assessment, Evaluation, and Research (Spring)


CHPR 254: Disease Control Systems: Epidemics, Outbreaks, & Modeling for Public Health (Autumn)


CHPR 255: The Responsible Conduct of Research for Clinical & Community Researchers (Autumn, Spring)


CHPR 260: Prevention Across Medical Disciplines (Spring


CHPR 266: Food and Society: Exploring Eating Behaviors in Social, Environmental, and Policy Context (Winter)


CHPR 290: Advanced Statistical Methods for Observational Studies (Spring)


CHPR 298: Directed Reading (Autumn-Summer)


CHPR 299:Community-Based Research Internship (Autumn, Winter, Spring)


Scholarly Concentration Application in Prevention Research