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  • Whitney Ria Francis

    Whitney Ria Francis

    Undergraduate, Comparative Studies in Race and Ethnicity
    Student Employee, Earth Systems Program
    Undergraduate, Earth Systems Program

    BioWhitney is senior from San Diego, CA aka America's Finest City. After a winding path of exploring different majors, Whitney officially joined the Earth Systems community last year. She is in the Human Environmental Systems track and is also minoring in Asian American Studies. From a young age, Whitney has been passionate and curious about all things food related, which has shaped her interactions with the environment and influenced her interests in the intersection of food, racial, and environmental justice. Whitney hopes to someday do work related to developing sustainable food systems. During her time at Stanford, she has found herself doing fieldwork in Hawaii, exploring Kyoto, and working on a photography project about mixed-race Japanese Americans. This past summer, she was working with the Trust for Public Land in SF doing public grants and policy work. Outside of Earth Systems, Whitney has worked as an RA in Okada, is an active member of the Japanese Student Union, and constantly finds herself taking on new projects. In her free time, she can be found adding new music to her playlists, complaining about the cold, snacking on fresh food at the farm, and hanging out with friends!