Elise is a coterm in the M.S. program in Earth Systems. Last year she completed her B.S. in the Sustainable Food and Agriculture track of Earth Systems, with a Notation in Science Communication and minor in history. During her junior and senior years, she spent time in Oaxaca, Patagonia, and Oxford studying ecology, natural resource management, and environmental geography. She is especially excited about community-based conservation and grassroots advocacy movements for local food system policy change. Her summer adventures have included science policy on Capitol Hill, ecology fieldwork in the tallgrass prairies of Iowa, environmental journalism, conservation agriculture research focused on soil erosion, and spending time at her family’s permaculture farm. Elise’s journey through undergrad was a winding path, and she loves to talk about her exploration of science and society through many majors en route to her happy place, Earth Systems. This year she is finishing her studies with a focus on environmental communication and management. In her spare time, she enjoys singing, playing the oboe, backpacking, making a mess while cooking, and social dancing.