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2014 Roundtable at Stanford

The climate conversation you haven’t heard

Lesley Stahl will moderate the 2014 Roundtable at Stanford University.

Friday, October 24, 2014
Maples Pavilion

Lesley Stahl

Lesley Stahl

Many of us don’t want to talk about it or think about it, but extreme weather and a changing planet are a given for the 21st century. The phrase “climate fatigue” describes a public already saturated with bad news about our future.

It’s a daunting problem, but there are success stories. Developing new techniques and technologies is at the heart of what Stanford and Silicon Valley do best. We are also bringing new people to the table to take a more active approach. Policy makers, geo-engineers, human behaviorists, business leaders, scientists and tech entrepreneurs are urgently working on how we can alter and adapt to the trajectory of climate change.

Join moderator Lesley Stahl, correspondent for 60 Minutes, for a Roundtable discussion that applies the expertise and perspective of Stanford’s brain trust and the vision of global leaders to what may be the most compelling issue of our time.

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