Did you know 2014 was the driest year on record for many parts of CA

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Did you know Some parts of CA received NO RAIN in January

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Did you know Sierra snowpack is at near historic lows

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State Of California Offers Rebate Programs to Help Replace Toilets & Turf

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Tips for saving water

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Curiosity Quest

Curiosity Quest is an upbeat, family, educational program that explores what viewers are curious about. In each show, host Joel Greene ventures on a quest to answer viewer’s letters of curiosity.

Each quest takes the audience on location for an unscripted, hands-on, educational exploration. In addition, throughout each program, Joel will hit the streets to get real and often comical answers to questions pertaining to each episode. Joel’s enthusiastic personality often lands him in hilarious situations in pursuit of the answer.

Curiosity Quest Goes Green is packed with all the fun and educational information that our regular series contains but in addition, each episode is also dedicated to raising awareness of earth-friendly issues. Together with Joel, viewers learn about things that each of us can do to be more eco-friendly and responsible inhabitants of the Planet Earth.

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