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SCID’s research initiatives support clusters of Stanford scholars working on areas in international development. Our current initiatives include:

Stanford Economic Development Research Initiative

The Stanford Economic Development Research Initiative (SEDRI) is carrying out wide-ranging multiyear studies of the social, economic, and political conditions in African cities.

China in Africa

The China in Africa initiative is exploring the impacts of China’s economic role in Africa using data from households, businesses, and local governments.

Health and Demographic Change in China

The Health and Demographic Change in China initiative conducts research to help fill key gaps in assessing the effects of China’s evolving health policies.

Global Productivity

The Global Productivity initiative seeks to understand the underlying forces that drive productivity and how those forces affect economic growth in developing countries.

Financial Inclusion in India

The Financial Inclusion in India initiative examines critical factors that impact India’s drive to extend financial services to the poor, especially outside of urban areas.


A crowded scene at the pediatrics clinic in China

Global Value Chains

The Global Value Chains initiative explores the impacts of increasing fragmentation and regional dispersion of global production on developing countries.