Stanford Faculty Development Center for Medical Teachers  

Teaching Workshops at Stanford University School of Medicine

Purpose: To assist medical teachers at Stanford improve the effectiveness of their teaching.
Programs: To meet this goal, we conduct a number of programs at Stanford with support from the Dean's Office at the School of Medicine.
  We provide periodic teaching improvement workshops and consultation tailored for basic science and clinical faculty, chief residents, medical residents, and teaching assistants. Previously trained SFDC facilitators assist Center Co-Directors, Drs. Kelley Skeff and Georgette Stratos in presenting the workshops. These include Drs. Peter Pompei, Sallie DeGolia and Anna Messner from Stanford, Dr. Bradley Sharpe from UCSF, and Dr. Mithu Molla from UC Davis.
  Each year at the end of October, faculty from other institutions who are attending the SFDC's facilitator-training course teach the Clinical Teaching seminars to local faculty and residents.
Results: Program evaluation results demonstrate a positive effect of the teaching workshops on participants' knowledge, skills and attitudes related to teaching.

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Last modified 11.20.2015

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