The Stanford Center for Sleep Sciences and Medicine

Our Vision

The goal of the Stanford Center for Sleep Sciences and Medicine is to set up state of the art protocols for evaluation, treatment, and outcome research and to integrate those into clinical practice to improve and monitor quality of care.

A major revolution is now occurring in the area of human genetics. As part of the clinic of the future, we anticipate that genetic subtyping will be play a critical role in the context of personalized medicine.  The Sleep Center promotes well designed and focused studies aiming at identifying new markers for sleep disorders or demonstrating the importance of a specific marker in relation to various therapeutic intervention.

At Stanford we also believe that the viability of the sleep disorder field in the long run will rest on developing diagnostic procedures and therapies.  These may include devices, imaging or biological markers that will assist patient classification or can be used as predictors to improve outcome after therapy.

The result of all of these projects will be improved clinical practice, first at Stanford, then across the nation.


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