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The first step in any journey is to think about where you're headed. What direction will you take? What choices do you have to get there? From a career perspective, it’s considering what interests you and what courses will best prepare you for your chosen path. Even if your goal is simply to explore your options, it’s important to think about what courses will give you the necessary foundation for whatever you choose to do down the road. SLSNavigator is here to help you navigate through the myriad of law school and university offerings.

The tool is easy to use. Choose a general direction or select a specific practice area. Change your mind at anytime. Mix and match. You can learn a bit about an area and its career options in the overview, then home in on the specific courses and clinics recommended by practitioners. Drill just a bit deeper for recommendations of journals to read, blogs to follow and other resources most useful for the practice.

Of course, it’s not possible to take every course in your area(s) of interest. With so many options, they’ll be some tough choices. SLSNavigator, though, can make those decisions easier because it classifies courses in a several ways. Not only will it tell you what kind of a course it is - - substantive, statutory, quantitative, perspective, or experiential - - it will tell you how relevant a course is to the chosen practice. Foundational courses are essential building blocks, courses upon which others build, like CORPORATIONS for a BUSINESS LAW practice. Core courses are essential to a particular specialty, like PATENTS for an INTELLECTUAL PROPERTY: PATENTS practice. Key electives are those that practitioners consider to be significantly useful to their practice. Related courses are relevant to the field, but may involve more tangential issues or skills that are used less frequently.

SLSNavigator also recommends courses outside the law school to, among other things, give you the broader context of the legal issues you’ll face and different ways to approach problems. This tool displays the department or school, a brief description, and the relevancy of the course to the area of interest and direction you have chosen.

So, jump in! Explore. Use SLSNavigator to chart your course for the next three years and lay the foundation for the professional journey ahead.

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