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Ph.D.s on the Market

Lauren Benditt

Dissertation: Government Bureaucrats in a Postmodern World: Expectations, Influence and Attacks
Fields of Interest: Collective Action/Social Movements, Political Sociology, Qualitative Methods, Social Inequality and Stratification, Sociology of Education

Erin Cumberworth

Dissertation: The Rise of the Underclass? Trends in the Nature of Poverty in the United States, 1925-2012
Fields of Interest: Family, Quantitative Methods, Social Demography, Social Inequality and Stratification
Image: Adam L. Horowitz

Adam L. Horowitz

Dissertation: A Birthright to Belong?: Jewish Conversion, Ethnoracial Diversity, and the Search for Authenticity
Fields of Interest: Qualitative Methods, Race and Ethnicity, Religion, Sexualities, Social Psychology

Shawn Pope

Fields of Interest: Economic Sociology, Organizations and Work, Prosocial Behavior, Social Networks, Theory

Ariela Schachter

Fields of Interest: Immigration, Quantitative Methods, Race and Ethnicity, Social Inequality and Stratification

Alexander W. Watts

Fields of Interest: Gender, Morality, Sexualities, Social Inequality and Stratification, Social Psychology

Kate Weisshaar

Dissertation: Intermittent labor force participation: a source of discrimination? The negative consequences of employment lapses
Fields of Interest: Family, Gender, Quantitative Methods, Social Demography, Social Inequality and Stratification