The Stanford Center for Clinical and Translational Research and Education

Background of the Center for Innovative Study Design (CISD)


Spectrum provides assistance to investigators for designing clinical trials through the Center for Innovative Study Design (CISD) which is housed in Health Research & Policy.

Services Provided
  • Pre-award & post-award support
  • Study design assistance
  • Advice on setup of data management
  • Training in study design, statistical analysis, use of data tools

Contact Information

Brit Turnbull   email
Ctr for Innovative Study Design
Dept of Health Research & Policy
(650) 725-4345

The CISD was created in March 2009 to integrate efforts that had been dispersed in the School of Medicine, including the:

  • Biostatistics Data Coordinating Center (providing design and implementation of specialized, innovative clinical study data management and visualization tools)
  • Biostatistics Shared Resource of the Stanford Cancer Center
  • Spectrum Biostatistics and Design Program
  • design and review capacity of the Clinical and Translational Research Unit (CTRU)
  • clinical and translational research (CTR) offerings in pre-award design consultation service