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Cardinal Curriculum

Set-Up Your Study

The STUDY SET-UP stage includes activities that occur after the study has been designed and developed, and before you begin to enroll patients.

This stage includes activities in areas such as:

  • contracts & grant proposals
  • IRB approval
  • research management compliance
  • study budgeting & billing
  • required registration of trial
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The goal of the Cardinal Curriculum is to develop Stanford's research administration workforce by providing tools for individuals to build competencies, increase efficiency, and improve compliance with Stanford and sponsor requirements. The certification program ensures a standard level of expertise among those who support the research endeavor at Stanford University.

Cardinal Curriculum training classes, which can lead to certification, are organized into two levels and are geared to individuals as they develop from novice to expert in research administration. Level I classes should be completed before attempting Level II classes. The ORA Training and Development Office tracks and awards certification.

Who can benefit from these classes?

Research administrators and all administrative staff who support sponsored research including:

  • individuals involved with proposal preparation
  • individuals who originate or approve transactions on sponsored accounts
  • individuals who review or monitor expenditures on sponsored projects.

If you have questions, email or phone Catalina Verdu-Cano email, Dean of Research Office, at 650-725-9830.

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