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Spectrum support for Clinical Research is divided into four stages, the first of which is DESIGNING YOUR STUDY.

This stage includes tasks and activities that occur early in the design & development of a study, such as:

  • biostatistics consultations
  • informatics consultations
  • bioethics consultations
  • identifying co-investigators and collaborators
  • exploring funding opportunities
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Stanford Center for Clinical Informatics (SCCI) is the official SUMC clearinghouse for all clinical data requests related to research. The Stanford Cancer Institute Research Database (SCIRDB) team collaborates with many groups, including Stanford IRT, to obtain data in an electronic format on every patient seen and/or treated for cancer at Stanford.

With access to clinical data from the Electronic Health Records of both hospitals, SCCI can meet your clinical research data needs, either via our self service online tools or with an in-person consultation. SCIRDB can help you build a cohort, do complex searches involving dictations and other notes, and identify subjects who have tissue stored in the Stanford Tissue bank.

The STRIDE Clinical Data Warehouse contains electronic clinical data from both SHC and LPCH, including:

  • patient demographics
  • ICD-coded diagnoses
  • CPT-coded procedures
  • clinical documents
  • surgical pathology reports
  • radiology reports and laboratory test results

The SCIRDB has a rich set of data which integrates many resources including:

  • EPIC
  • specialized databases in surgical pathology and radiation oncology
  • Stanford Cancer Registry
  • Social Security Death Index (SSDI)

Consultants from the Stanford Center for Clinical Informatics (SCCI) can review the clinical data needs of your research project, provide advice on requesting IRB approval to obtain clinical data from STRIDE and discuss options for clinical data abstraction, reporting and storage to meet your research needs. SCIRDB consults on research data management for cancer and disease groups. SCIRDB consultants provide extensive tools for browsing and searching existing data, can integrate a cohort’s data with tools like REDCap to facilitate the curation of existing data, and help with the addition of study-specific information.

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