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Grant Compliance & Institutional Oversight — Roles & Responsibilities

Set-Up Your Study

The STUDY SET-UP stage includes activities that occur after the study has been designed and developed, and before you begin to enroll patients.

This stage includes activities in areas such as:

  • contracts & grant proposals
  • IRB approval
  • research management compliance
  • study budgeting & billing
  • required registration of trial
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The roles and responsibilities of School of Medicine organizational units, institutional officials and key individuals in the areas of grant compliance and institutional oversight are summarized below.

The Research Management Group website provides more detailed information.

Research Management Group

Research Management Group (RMG) serves as the central resource and expert partner on research administration, providing support and oversight of sponsored projects.

RMG represents Stanford University as the institutional official for proposal submission and award acceptance.

Work with your Research Process Manager (RPM)

Research Process Managers (RPMs)

The Research Process Managers (RPMs) in RMG are the primary point of contact for sponsors and Department/Institute grant and contract administrators. RPMs are the University’s sponsored projects institutional representatives for School of Medicine faculty. RPMs are assigned to each division in the Department of Medicine and School of Medicine Institutes. » RPM Assignments

Partnering with faculty and staff, RPMs

  • direct and manage the proposal process to ensure timely, compliant and accurate submissions
  • develop budgets for all proposals with the PI
  • accept and negotiate grant awards on behalf of the University
  • provide expert consultation and oversight to ensure that sponsored research funds are managed and expended in compliance with internal and external policies
  • continue as the institutional representative throughout the life of the award

Office of Sponsored Research (OSR) Accounting

OSR Accounting performs post award activities, including

  • account set-up review, billing, and reviewing cost transfers for compliance with University and sponsor policies
  • preparation of interim and final reports for various University sponsors
  • ensuring compliance with University and sponsor policies

Office of Sponsored Research (OSR) Contracts

OSR Contract and Grant Officers (School of Medicine Team) are responsible for:

  • formal negotiation and administration of extramural support for University contract agreements sponsored by government and non-government sponsors (sponsored research) including Clinical Trials.
  • preparing, negotiating and overseeing subawards issued to subrecipients under Stanford sponsored projects awards
  • advising and assisting Stanford administrators, principal investigators, and staff members
  • interpreting and explaining contract terms and conditions
  • ongoing management of contracts and subawards
  • assisting in the resolution of problems that develop in the course of projects by consulting with the investigator(s), staff, and sponsors

Office of Research Administration (ORA) Accounts Receivable

ORA Accounts Receivable is responsible for

  • billing, receipts and collections for all sponsored (government and non-government) awards in the university
  • collection of research funds

Industrial Contracts Office (ICO)

ICO is responsible for:

  • negotiating and signing sponsored research, collaboration, and material transfer agreements with industry (except for clinical trial agreements, which are handled by the Office of Sponsored Research).