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Pilot Grants — SPADA (Predictives and Diagnostics)


The Spectrum Innovations and Pilots Program accelerates the translation of medical discoveries into better health through innovation training, mentorships and pilot funding of promising projects.

Innovation training and project development support are offered through these fellowship and educational programs:

  • Biodesign (medtech innovation)
  • SPARK (biopharma innovation)
  • SPADA (Stanford Predictives and Diagnostics Accelerator)

Spectrum Pilot Grants for SPADA projects must have the objective of translating discoveries into novel Predictives and Diagnostics products that address unmet medical needs. Emphasis will be placed on technologies that have the potential to advance rapidly into clinical care through commercialization or other pathways. For this reason, proposals should specifically address as much as is feasible any or all of: size and scope of unmet need, drawbacks of current options, regulatory pathway, intellectual property landscape and freedom to operate. Funds must be applied to tasks specifically budgeted by the investigator that advance the technology toward the clinic and comply with Spectrum’s funding guidelines. Some examples include prototype device development and investigator-initiated pilot clinical studies. For a list of projects funded in previous cycles and funding guidelines, please visit "List of Past Pilot Grant Awards" article below.

The defined scope of the Predictives and Diagnostics component includes projects with a goal of diagnosing and/or predicting the onset, course, worsening, or complications of disease, and prolonging health.

Applications for the 2016 cycle of funding are due by 6pm on Wednesday, September 30, 2015.

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