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Spectrum Funding

Set-Up Your Study

The STUDY SET-UP stage includes activities that occur after the study has been designed and developed, and before you begin to enroll patients.

This stage includes activities in areas such as:

  • contracts & grant proposals
  • IRB approval
  • research management compliance
  • study budgeting & billing
  • required registration of trial
Primary Contact

If you don't find what you are looking for, give us a call.
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(650) 498-6498
Spectrum Pilot Grants

Spectrum provides pilot funding for projects in:

  • Therapeutics (drug discovery and development)
  • Medtech
  • Predictives and Diagnostics
  • Population Health Sciences
  • Community Engagement

See the Innovations and Pilots page for more details.

Spectrum Child Health Funding

Spectrum Child Health administers several funding programs to facilitate and support the best child-health focused research at Stanford.

Spectrum Administrative Supplements

Occassionally NIH funds Administrative Supplements to the parent grant that supports Spectrum. Currently open or recently funded opportunities are posted below.

  • CTSA Administrative Supplement Funding Opportunity #1
    (recently funded)
    Supplements to support new or ongoing bench-to-bedside T1-type research (collaboration between faculty at two or more CTSA sites) (up to $500,000 total costs for 1 year)
  • CTSA Administrative Supplement Funding Opportunity #2
    (recently funded)
    Study design, especially as applied to comparative effectiveness research (up to $300,000 total costs for one year)
Other Internal Funding Opportunities

Research Management Group (RMG) is the primary source for information on internal funding opportunities for support of pilot projects.